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You will learn:


Week 1 : Art of Sacred Postpartum
she honors

Part A: Claiming Birth

  • Sacred vow

  • holding birth stories

  • basics of postpartum depression

  • herbs for postpartum including:

    • ​herbal sitz baths

    • 3 herbal tinctures for postpartum depression and after pains

  • relationships postpartum

  • body image postpartum and a self massage oil for mother

Week 2 : Sacred Postpartum Prana
she serves

  • mediations on direction

  • learn how to make infused herbal oils

  • make herbal several herbal balms/salves

Week 3: Soothing Postpartum Mamas 
she offers : may you never thirst

  • Create a sacred kitchen

  • conscious cooking

  • herbal teas for postpartum


Week 4: Nourishing Postpartum Mamas she feeds : may you never hunger

  • energetics of cooking

  • nourishing postpartum meals including:

    • ​kitchari

    • bone broth

    • porridge

    • granola

    • warming soups

Week 5: Honoring Birth 
she warms

  • Ceremonial bathing

  • flower crowns

  • floral baths

  • almond milk

  • fear release

  • hot stone abdominal press

  • moxa for postpartum

  • vaginal herbal steam

Week 6: Sealing Birth
she closes

  • flaxseed warming packs

  • ceremonial tuck in

  • sealing ceremony 

  • heating oils

  • belly firming paste

  • belly binding

  • going to the bowl

  • Bonus! Let's Talk about Cultural Appropriation, and so much more!



**This is a 6-week online training. After completing the training you will be able to take these services back to your own community and start your Mother Roasting career! Becoming a Mother Roaster takes dedication! There is a lot of work that will go into this and you will be required to do journal writing, a small research paper, a small community project, and create all of the recipes we ask. All of this must be turned in so we can certify you as a Mother Roaster. There is a lot of information to read and activities to do, so make sure you have the time. It is self-paced however, so you can go past the 6 weeks to complete it.





$777 USD for The Art of Sacred Postpartum online course (you can make this in two payments of $395. if you like) which includes the postpartum membership. This allows you access to be listed as a Mother Roaster on the Sacred Postpartum site, marketing materials, photos, business help, etc... to begin your journey and support from the Mother Company. This is valued at over $1000, alone! You are getting a lot of information in this retreat training and it's all been beautifully designed and awaits you now! You must also buy your supplies which will include various herbs, ingredients, art supplies, etc.   You will be emailed a detailed supply list upon signing up for the course.


*There will be readings and homework along with this course as well.


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