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Online Retreat Testimonials

Lacey Smith: Oh, Anni, I've been trying to put words to this testimonial for days. The feelings in my heart are so tender. When I think of Sacred Postpartum, the words “return” and “home” and “my place” are on my lips. For me, trying to get to Sacred Postpartum has been a roller coaster that left me wondering if the Universe had something else in mind for me. After looking and looking for a program to fill the need for postpartum women and finding Sacred Postpartum, I nearly walked away completely. However, this program draws me to it in a way that won't let me go. And so after a lot of ups and downs, excitement and heartbreak, I decided to give the online retreat a try. One last effort to be part of a program I'd fallen in love with before I ever saw the course material. The first day we received access to the web site I was blown away. I felt like it was all worth it. In some ways, it's like pregnancy and childbirth! Pregnancy was so hard on me but then childbirth was so amazing but so much work and then I had this baby and in a second I knew would do it all again! I actually said to my husband within minutes of my daughter being born “Let’s do that again. Let’s have another baby.” That feeling echoes exactly what I feel about Sacred Postpartum. For me, Sacred Postpartum hasn't been so much a transformation as it has been a return. I've come home to a calling that has been mine forever. I've starting doing things again I used to do but got lost in marriage and college and full-time corporate employment. I've found a space that my Heavenly Parents held for me. It's overwhelming to me to think of Gods holding space for ME until I was at a place to pick back up the work that They and I knew was meant for me. I have felt myself soften again. I’ve worked for almost a decade with men, nearly exclusively. I have gotten tough and walled off in a lot of ways. I have remembered truths I knew. My heart and mind has returned over and over to my sisters. I am seeing places everywhere where I can do the good work. Nina Lee has become a constant in my life. I have filled my quiet hours at work with journaling. I have worked with herbs that feel like home. I am following my earthly mother’s path as a “witch doctor” (a term which I have lovingly teased her with my whole life and a title and role I’ve aspired to take up). I have always been a mother. Long before my baby was born, I was a mother. Before I came to Earth even, I was a mother. Sacred Postpartum brought me home again, to that role in a way that is more meaningful than I expected. Sacred Postpartum is mothering the mother in new moms and in all of us. It is a shining jewel in the world of postpartum care. It has helped me find wholeness again. It has been unexpected and fulfilling and enriching. Sacred Postpartum has returned me to me and in it I am home.

Melissa Andrys: I never realized how powerful and transforming this class would be! I came into this wanting to help moms and I have come away with such a peace and knowledge of myself! When I first was doing my signature color journal I swore it was red, it was what I was dressed in when I was younger and became who I was, it also is my moms favorite color. Today after a long hard week just feeling stuck I was sitting outside watching my beautiful children playing and doing some art journaling and discovered I kept being drawn to using the colors teal and purple. It didn't make sense I am red! So tonight I went into my sacred space and started listening to nina's song and just bursted into tears. I wanted red to be my color cause it symbolized the need to want to be loved and appreciated by my own mother who has a real hard time loving without judgement! So my color is teal and purple cause if I love myself and stop judging myself I can be the mom I wanted for myself and my kids. Thank you Anni Daulter and all my sisters! I hope we meet some day! We are changing the world one mom at a time!


Sammi Cambray: This course has been such a GIFT to give I begin on my path as a doula,  having this rich work and the most beautiful way that the Sacred Movement presents all of it's materials, has just been so nourishing. The course has been demanding, but in an utterly positive way- one that allows me to delve deeper not into the process of the women I serve, but my own process. The engagement of all the senses, of our divine feminine creative side, and the strong sense of sisterhood in this course...oh it is just so delicious. I am loving it truly and deeply, thank you Anni.


Erin Young: When I first heard about the Sacred Pregnancy Movement I was immediately sure that I wanted to be a part of it. I followed along as Anni Daulter branched out and added more and more to the trainings. I began saving money for an in person retreat and was amazed when I saw the announcement for an online postpartum retreat. I had the funds and couldn't wait any longer. The idea of learning at my own pace and not having to take time away from my current doula clients was very appealing. I sent in my payment and began collecting my supplies. I had a lot if them on hand already which confirmed for me that this was exactly what I needed to be doing. The first assignment was sharing our birth story. So much that I hadn't processed surfaced. I found myself writing a letter of apology to myself and my son. There were things I had pushed down that needed to be brought forth. My heart softened and I was opened to be able to honor and hold up other mothers in a way that we should all be honored and blessed. The Beauty Way of doing things has touched my life and changed things for the better. I've gained so much knowledge and insight on how to help women truly heal spiritually, emotionally and physically after birth. There is something so humbling about sealing, bathing and binding a new mother. This course has changed the way I serve my clients as a Doula. I highly encourage everyone to join in on this movement. I can't wait to experience a retreat in person!

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