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Our Retreat Policies


We realize that going on a 5-7 day retreat is a BIG deal and we want the experience to be fun, educational, life changing, spiritual, rewarding, and mostly a power-FULL step on your personal journey. Our retreats are designed with YOU in mind and every detail is carefully shaped for you to experience something like you have never experienced before. If you are CALLED to come don't try too hard to figure it out! JUST COME and figure it out when you get there! It will all become clear as to why you came somewhere along our path together.


**Refund Policy: BE SURE YOU WANT TO ATTEND! While life happens, we do not refund retreats. If you find that you can not come for ANY REASON AT ALL, your money will be transferred to another retreat of the same type for inclusion. This will be valid for 1 year.


**Family Policy: While we do allow children to come to retreats, we require that you bring an additional person to help you care for the child while in group. We LOVE babies and kiddos, but it can be distracting for the other women, so we want to make sure that the YOU can go to the babies should they need you, but that the group setting is meant for the participants. Breastfeeding babies are the exception to this, and can be in group, BUT we still require an additional person there with you to care for the child. Children are always free, but the caretaker is an extra fee of 350. for food + accommodations. There are limited spaces for families, so inquire quickly about a spot for your family should you require this option.


**Venue Policy: For reasons sometimes beyond our control, venues need to be switched up. We reserve the right to move the venue should we deem it appropriate and important to the overall health of the retreat to do so. Participants will be notified of changes. Changing the venue is not grounds for refunds, so be sure you fully understand and are willing to accept this policy. This is a rare occurrence, but should the need arise, we reserve the right to make needed changes.


**Privacy Policy: You may not share or teach the information your receive from the training with anyone, without prior permission from Sacred Postpartum and Sacred Pregnancy, LLC.

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