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Live Training retreats


Welcome to The Art of Sacred Postpartum


Crossing the threshold from maiden to mother is a massive undertaking that not only needs to be recognized and ceremonially honored, but deeply necessitates a healing touch that can welcome the new mama with open arms. As a postpartum receiver, you are charged with holding space for women on the other side of birth, you are reminded of being reverent with your service to her, and you are blessed to be her witness as she starts feeding her baby milk, heals her body, and begins to seal the rawness of her birth experience. You are there to wrap her in a blanket of your loving care, warm her insides, massage her, create herbal tinctures for her, educate her on placenta prana , feed her soups, and gift her with ceremony.


Mother Roasters are CAREGIVERS that nurture new mothers after BIRTH while supporting their RECOVERY + JOURNEY into motherhood; as EVERY women deserves to be welcomed into MOTHERHOOD through GENTLE + LOVING + CARE.

What is The Art of Sacred Postpartum &

What Will I Learn/Experience at Live Retreat?



Evening 1

Dedication and Services
The Art of Postpartum Care


*Claiming : reverence*
Now We Bow : Understanding REVERENCE + SERVICE
Creating Vow Painting

Magic Moon Water Blessing


Day 1

Healing Birth
The Art of Postpartum Care

*Holding Space -BIRTH STORY *

Sealing Birth Stories Ceremony

Birth Journal Creating

*HEALING : Postpartum Care* 

Postpartum Depression : Symptoms + PP Tinctures

Flower Essences

After Birth Basics : Peri-Care + Episiotomy Care

Herbal Sitz Bath

*Claiming: Sacred Passion* 

Postpartum Relationships + NAKED TIME talk

Heart to Heart Meditation

*Ceremony : BATHING*
Warm Milk + Honey :  Milk + Roses Wash
Ceremonial Bath

*Healing : V-Steams*

Yoni Steams + Intake form defined + Essential Herbs
V-Steams : Learn to do a V-steam

DAY 2 

The Art of Conscious Cooking 


*Ceremony: May You Never Thirst*

The Tapestry of Teas:

Make 3 Unique Teas to help stop Postpartum Bleeding, Support Reproductive Healing
SUPER-FOOD: Breastmilk + Babes


Infused Oils + Balms + Butters+ Salves

*Claiming: Placenta Prana*
Placenta Facts : What is it? How does it function?

Blood Lines :  Blessing of Placenta
Banana Leaf: Mother Earth a blessing
Breaking the Bond:  Cord Burning + Lotus Birth


*Claiming: Sacred Kitchen Space*
Kitchen Altar : Your Kitchen Altar + Signs 

Conscious Cooking Tips + What Women Need to Eat Post Birth

Food Handlers License

*Healing: May You Never Hunger*
Restorative Soups Defined + Food Trees
SOUL FOOD : Make Bone Broth as a group and eat together

The Art of Embracing Food Traditions

Red + Roasted

Cream of Carrot + Ginger Soup 


Mother Fear Release : Fears into Fire

Be Witnessed

Day 3

The Art of Mother Roasting Defined

*honoring : transitions*

The Art of Honoring Women After Birth
Mandala Art : Beauty Way Creation of Personal Flower Mandalas
*Walking the path of Motherhood / Mother Roasting in the beauty way


*Ceremony: Heat Heals* 

Hot Stone Abdominal Massage: Make Hot Stone Herb Bundle
Mighty MOXA : MOXA

Sassy Spices: Warm Spice Rub Downs

Sacred Belly Binding : Binding + Belly Paste + Oils

*Honoring : S I S T E R H O O D*
Sealing Ceremony  : Sacred Tuck-In

The Art of Deep Connection
Going to the Bowl: Set Pure Intentions at The Mother Salt Bowl


**This is a 3 day live training retreat. After completing the training you will be able to take these services back to your own community and start your Mother Roasting career! The fees cover housing, all but one meal, supplies, a gift bag and certification.

Cost varies with location for The Art of Sacred Postpartum  live retreat + 100. to join the postpartum membership which allows you access to be listed as a Mother Roaster on the Sacred Pregnancy site, marketing materials to begin your journey and support from the Mother Roaster Company. You are getting a lot of information in this retreat training and its all been beautifully designed and awaits you now! You must also buy your supplies which will include various herbs, ingredients, art supplies, etc.

*Membership is required for one year.

**Membership Policy**: 
You must sign up for postpartum membership. once a member, you will have access to thousands of dollars worth of designed materials to get your biz going in your community as a Mother Roaster, and will have the opportunity to be listed on the website for contacts with a full bio and website information. You can pay for membership 1 week after the training, but you are welcome to sign up at anytime to begin accessing information and getting items printed to help market your Mother Roasting Postpartum Biz Services!

**Refund Policy**: 
BE SURE YOU WANT TO ATTEND! While life happens, we do not refund retreats. If you find that you can not come for ANY REASON AT ALL, your money will be transferred to another retreat of the same type for inclusion. This will be valid for 1 year. Further, you may not share the information your receive from the training with anyone, without prior permission from Sacred Pregnancy, LLC

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