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Victoria Perez

Contact: + 650.576.9630




I am a mother of two, doula, childbirth educator, Sacred Pregnancy facilitator, Mother Roaster, and loving sister to many. My own birth journeys inspired a profound respect and appreciation for the power and beauty of women, as well as a commitment to walk beside them in love and support as they journey from pregnancy to tenderhearted motherhood. Women deserve to be nurtured, supported, honored and held as they become mamas (each time!), and I use my calm and grounding presence to hold space for the growth and sacred transformation that pregnancy, birth and new mamahood bring about. I am passionate about honoring these times with Mother Blessings, Sacred Pregnancy and Birth Journey circles, compassionate birth support, and warming Mother Roasting practices.


I am also a native Spanish speaker and am delighted to serve those whom would benefit from this.


**Victoria is also a Certified Sacred Pregnancy Instructor.

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