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Tnah Louise
Los Angeles

Contact: + 310.508.5171


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Tnah Louise is a powerhouse whose work is not defined by one thing, she wears many hats and has created the title CIO; Chief Inspiration Officer for herself. Raised with the Mexican healing traditions of Curanderismo, she is now in training to be what she refers to as " Strega Nona", an Italian fable of the grandma witch that heals through her touch and knowledge of herbalism.

One of Tnah's biggest joys is as a Ceremonialist, ritual maker with A Sacred Passage, reintroducing the act of ceremony into everyday life, helping individuals, mother's to be, families, and her community mark milestones and transitions in their lives.Tnah has found that this deep work serves as an ancient cook-fire; a meeting place where we come together to nurture one another through meaningful connection.

As a mother of four sons ranging from 9-19, each a very different birth experience (including a birth on the beach of Costa Rica) Tnah has heard the call after being asked to share her birth story for the Sacred Pregnancy book.Diving right into the beautiful movement, she is on the core leadership team within the Sacred Living Movement. Her involvement includes leading groups of both future Sacred Pregnancy Instructors where ever she is asked to hold retreats. She is a Sacred Postpartum Mentor contributing to the SPP curriculum. She works with pregnant mothers in the Los Angeles area helping them through their journey of empowerment in becoming a Whoa-Man; preparing them for the most important transition ever- Motherhood. She holds Sacred Pregnancy classes+ mini retreats, whileoffering her service as she honors new mothers in need of postpartum care as a Sacred Postpartum Mother Roaster. Tnah encapsulates placentas, makes healing restorative + nourishing brews, makes and offers traditional Benkung belly binding, among many other postpartum services all done with her healing hands in reverence.

She is so excited about this movement and is committed to helping each of those she works with remember their woman’s wisdom by weaving a web of support for each of them in a loving environment.

Her love of life and color can be seen in her photography for Bella Faccia Foto, a business she started with her husband over nine years ago and has grown to include a beautiful book collaboration with Anni Daulter called " Naturally Fun Party For Kids".


**Tnah is also a Certified Sacred Pregnancy Instructor and a Sacred Medicine Woman.

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