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Tara Lange

Contact : + 358 40 7786369




I am a 40 year old mother of three great children aged 4, 8 and 11. I am half Finnish, half English, so I have a brilliant sense of humour! I am positive, adventurous, easy to open up to and trustworthy. My strength is constantly looking for different perspectives on life.

With Babyjoy I am pursuing my dream life by doing what I love, helping parents find their own natural instincts to be the best parents they can for their baby.

I have worked with babies and parents for over 7 years. I have moderated a parenting website, worked at a maternity store for 7 years, given lectures, written articles, hosted at Lapsimessut, volunteered as a baby wearing advisor, met many specialists in this field and
been a birth doula for 3 years. I live and breathe for babies!

I have an innate curiosity, so I am constantly learning and educating myself. Not only on pregnancy, birth and babies, but about different diets, relationships, spirituality, visualization and meditation methods and alternative health practises to name a few.

I have trained as a Dona International postpartum doula, I am a Sacred Pregnancy instructor and am a proud Sacred Mother Roaster.

My school of life has taken me through highs and lows and taught me many valuable lessons. My children are my greatest teachers.My mission is to help the parents understand their babies and become nurturing, trusting and intuitive parents, who will enjoy parenting! Parenting is as much teaching your child as it is learning from your child. I have learned something valuable from every baby, mother and father I have worked with.

I am passionate about babies. The free spirited souls that come into this world with only love in their hearts.

I am passionate about helping parents find their power and opening their hearts to the process of birth and parenting.

I am passionate about mothers finding their Inner Goddess, the intuition and wisdom of motherhood that we all carry. Mothering can transform us, if we let it, for the better.

I am passionate about fathers being there right from the start as equal partners in parenthood. I don´t want them to miss the best thing that has ever happened to them.

Parenting is the most important and hardest job you will ever do. You need and deserve support, information on all the different options and the support and strength to stick with your choices.

Everyone has a story and a past and this will influence your choices.

I believe in the individual´s right to choose. I believe in the power of knowledge, inner strength and intuition. 93a46f23-1912-4a90-b619-94589cb0ad70

The parents might have different experiences and expectations.

They need to reach a compromise in their parenting styles and then see if their baby will in fact agree with that style!

This is not about me. It´s about you. You and your baby and your journey into parenthood. Let´s figure out what´s best for all of you. I will support you in all your decisions.

I hope you contact me through e-mail or phone and hopefully we can meet and discuss your needs!


**Tara is also a Certified Sacred Pregnancy Instructor.

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