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You can reach Sarah Monroe here: 

Her website is, however, it is still under construction.

Sarah Monroe is a Wild Woman, Spoken Word Artist, and Sunshine Spreader. She is the founder of The Art of Wild Pleasure, her forthcoming company that is fiercely dedicated to helping women harness their right to embody a life of sacred joy. Sarah loves the delicious ways our bodies move and believes that there is a direct correlation between a happy, vibrating vulva, and a deeply satisfied soul.

Sarah's sacred medicine in this lifetime is tending to women at any stage of their (re)birth. She wants you to become rooted and wild. To love any place your feet are planted, yet be whole-heartedly open to all the pleasures that this cosmic existence has to offer... and to recognize when anything is in need of change.

Sarah is a 500 RYT Yoga Instructor, Red Drum Carrier, Mother Roaster, Sacred Menarche: A Rite of Passage Leader, Vaginal Steam Facilitator, and Co-Founder of Rebel Goddess Reclamation.

Sarah Monroe
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