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Sammi Cambray
New South Wales

Contact : + 418950793


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Informed by her own transformative immersion into motherhood through the initation of birthing three children, and a background of work in counselling, community involvement and creative writing, Sammi now runs Mama Rising, a holistic doula service. Mama Rising offers truly beautiful packages that aim to HONOUR, NOURISH and WITNESS the mama from the first inklings of a baby, through the immense journey of pregnancy and birth, and into the stepping in and deepening into motherhood of a new baby. The packages all have different focuses: practical help, counselling, emotional and spiritual processings, ritual and ceremony, creativity, holistic education and nurturing.

Sammi also runs Bellingen Baby, the local natural birth and parenting support group; and is the publisher of Sacred Whisper Bellingen, Australia's first Sacred Pregnancy newsletter. 

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