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Sacred V-steam + Teas + Hot Stone Herb Abdominal Press + Moxibustion

Mini Webinar

This online training is for all birth workers! 


Do you want to learn to the ART of VAGINAL STEAMS + TEAS and the HEALING of a Hot Stone Herb Abdominal Press + Moxibustion for POSTPARTUM WOMEN?


Sacred Postpartum is offering a short webinar class that will include an audio, video, article, and soul prompts. We will take a deep look at healing body, mind, + spirit of the postpartum woman through these techniques.

Email to reserve your spot if you want to add these SACRED skills to your DOULA and/or BIRTH BAG of goodies!  COST : $333.

This program is run as a two-day webinar and is all pre-recorded so you DO NOT need to be there at a certain time. The morning of the training, you will get an email explaining all of the details on how to proceed.

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