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Princess Mckinney
Los Angeles





Princess McKinney is an experienced birth & post-pregnancy doula through DONA Intl. and ICEA. Though her practice is located in the Los Angeles area, she believes in empowering women all over to embrace the Beauty, Magic & Miracle of birth. Princess does this by traveling great distances to demonstrate practical and ancient techniques that are comforting and supportive to mother, baby and partner during the birth process.


As a student nurse, Princess understands the benefits and obstacles that come with a hospital birth and helps couples navigate their way to the birth they imagine in such an environment. Princess is one of the first certified Mother Roasters of Sacred Pregnancy and has extensive specialized experience in the sacred postpartum arts. She is also one of the premier certified doulas of The Birth Sanctuary, where she currently serves clients seeking a birth suite or home birth journey.


Princess has worked alongside some of the LA areas top midwives and birth advocates and has witnessed the strength and power of many laboring ‘Womb-men. With a background in the hypnobirthing methods, Princess helps families embrace that, “Having a baby should be a Joyful & Calm process.” All of her experiences have confirmed her belief in a woman’s divine ability to birth and to care for her baby through her own unique expression.


Specialties: abdominal love wrap, placenta encapsulation, vibrational birthing, in home pampering(hair styling, mani/peds), restorative foods brought to you, mother/baby blessing ceremonies, as well as herbal vaginal steams, therapy rubs, healing mother meditations plus newborn care.

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