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Nina Phelan
Los Angeles

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Nina Phelan is the creator of the Sacred Yoga where she also serves as a mentor and educator. She is a Ceremonial Advisor for the Sacred Postpartum Mother Roasting Program and is also a birth doula, a Khalsa Way Prenatal Yoga teacher, a Reiki/Energy Healer and a Hypnobirth Facilitator. Nina teaches Kundalini Yoga, Radiant Child Yoga, Mommy and Me and Prenatal classes throughout the Los Angeles area. Her work is inspired by Earth Medicine and evoking Ancient Wisdom ~ anchoring into the expansion of The Feminine Energetic. Nina has traveled throughout the world doing ceremonial work in such sacred places as the Temples of Macchu Picchu and throughout Peru, Bolivia, Hawaii and the Ancient Goddess Temples of Malta. She is a mother and a wife and is in complete awe of the mystery and beauty of pregnancy and childbirth. You can find out more info about her workshops and classes on her website.


**Nina is also a Certified Sacred Pregnancy Instructor and Co-Creator of Sacred Yoga.

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