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Myriam Brannen
North Carolina



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Myriam Brannen is a local of Asheville and has been blessed to call the blue ridge mountains home. She is a loving mother, wife, daughter, and student. She has two beautiful children, one son here on earth and a well missed daughter who is no longer with her in physical form. She has a variety of interests including herbalism, sustainability, pregnancy, birth, anthropology, psychology, and epigenetics. Her hope is to bring all of her knowledge and interests into her work and to be able to share them with those who are interested. She is currently in the process of becoming certified under full circle placentas in placenta medicine and aims to complete her herbalism schooling in the next few years. She is a certified Sacred Pregnancy Instructor and Sacred Postpartum Mother Roaster and is also currently working towards becoming a bereavement doula. She believes all parts of pregnancy and birth should be honored, including loss. Having had multiple losses herself she understands the pain and grief that goes along with that, as well as the lack of societal support and understanding for many women during their postpartum time.


Myriam has walked down many life paths and has a variety of experiences. Her ultimate goal is to work from a place of mindfulness and compassion, and to hold a loving space for anyone in need. As she continues to grow into her work she aims to re-create and rebuild the cultural beliefs surrounding women, infants, and children, and she wants to start doing so from the very beginnings (conception, pregnancy, and birth).


**Myriam is also a Certified Sacred Pregnancy Instructor.

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