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Megan Lunt



Megan is a certified Reiki II practitioner who believes that the integration of body, emotions, mind and spirit creates peace, harmony and well-being. She is currently working toward her Bachelors in Health Science with a minor in Holistic Health. Megan is surrounded by rugged natural beauty, living both on Mount Desert Island, home of Acadia National Park, and eight miles out to sea on the isolated outer island of Frenchboro, Maine, where access to both traditional medicine and holistic wellness is limited. After a difficult birth with her son, and few support systems available, she is expanding her holistic practice to include Sacred Pregnancy to help pregnant women prepare for not only the birth of her baby, but the unique journey within herself. She looks forward to sharing her talents with her unique island communities. Megan, a Nashville recording artist at age 16, enjoys singing, sharing her life with her husband, a 5th generation fisherman, and mothering their 3 year-old son.


**Megan is also a Certified Sacred Pregnancy Instructor.

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