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Mary Burgess

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As the baby is born, so is the mother, born. So much care and attention is given to the pregnant woman, but it is common that the newly-born mother finds herself soon lost and forgotten, as the focus changes from the mother to the baby, and her postpartum care soon wanes. Enter the Art of Sacred Postpartum.

The Art of Sacred Postpartum brings honoring, ritual, and deep nurturance, and is solely focused on the beautiful, sacred care of the the newly-born mama.

I'm in love with The Art of Sacred Postpartum practices. As a Certified "Mother Roaster," I have the honor and privilege of offering healing touch and presence to the newly-born mother. She is ceremonially honored, blessed, warmed, wrapped, oiled... Her story is heard, witnessed, acknowledged... She is fully seen and cared for with floral baths, organic herbal teas, tinctures, and salves, and placenta honoring ceremonies... Warming abdominal and uterine care, such as hot stone abdominal press, smokeless moxa treatment, and belly binding help her feel like her story and experience is sealed, honored and sacred.

The Art of Sacred Postpartum Mother Roasting services are a delight and an honor, and I'm over the moon happy to bring them to the mamas in Bellingham
, WA.


**Mary is also a Certified Sacred Pregnancy Mini Retreat Instructor.

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