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Lisa Olschewske
St Augustine

Contact : + 904.806.3778


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Lisa is a DONA Certified birth doula. And a postpartum doula. Sacred postpartum belly binder and Mother Roaster.Lisa is also a professional photographer specializes in maternity, birth, breastfeeding and family.

With 18 plus years experience in serving families and a tremendous passion for all things birth and breastfeeding, Lisa has been considered an amazing asset to all who engage her services. Her desire to help each family connect with their own birth choices, has allowed her the opportunity to utilize the pregnancy and birth knowledge that she has been gathering for nearly two decades.

Lisa resides in beautiful St Augustine, Florida, home of the Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche whom she has a huge reverence for , with her six children. ages 21 down to age 5 .Lisa’s first two children were full term natural hospital births her next three were home births and one preemie induced at 34 w after a month of PROM. She also has four little souls in heaven, lost thru miscarriages and a ectopic rupture.

Lisa is a Lactation Councilor and La Leche League Leader since 1997 . Lisa has been doula and birth assistant to many friends births and photographer for over 20 years. She is a Maya Wrap sling distributor and teaches proper baby and child wearing . She is a Crunchy Catholic homeschool mom that has always been an instinctual and holistic mom that practiced elimination communication and cloth diapered.

Lisa was a military wife and knows the toll it places on a family. And is now living as a solo parent.

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