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Linda Norman
United Kingdom

Contact : + 7716878511


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Hi, I'm Linda, mum to 3 beautiful daughters. I initially trained to be a school teacher but the universe had other plans for me when I became pregnant again, with an 18 year gap between my eldest and my youngest daughter. And there began my sacred journey...

I'm now also a hypnobirthing instructor, pregnancy & baby massage and yoga teacher.

I was drawn to Sacred Pregnancy by the beauty way which is the essence of Sacred pregnancy. I love that Sacred Pregnancy celebrates and empowers women during pregnancy and that the journey continues when they cross the threshold to motherhood.

I thank Anni for this beautiful gift because the training for me has been its own voyage of discovery of self and my path and Sacred Pregnancy will remain entwined as I continue to celebrate the sacred feminine. 


**Linda is also a Certified Sacred Pregnancy Mini Retreat Instructor.

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