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Kirsty Fernandes

I am the lucky wife to Duane and Mum to Indie and Roman.

I found myself a little lost on the other side of birth after Indie. We had prepared so diligently for birth but I had no idea what I needed to do to nourish, nurture and heal myself post-birth. It struck me that we are so focussed on the birth of a baby that we forget that a mother is born on that fateful day as well (regardless of how many babies she already has).

The more I spoke to other Mums, the more I realised that we all needed our stories to be heard and time to heal emotionally, physically and spiritually after birth. If Mum's didn't receive this support, I saw the resurfacing of pregnancy or birth trauma when they became pregnant with their second child (myself included) which sometimes led to further traumatic pregnancy or birth experiences.

I am so passionate about listening to your story, about helping you to feel nourished, nurtured and honoured as a Māmā and about supporting you and your family in your unique journey in Parenthood.

I hope that this kind of care for Māmās and their families will help us create happier and more connected Māmās, babies, families and communities.

Much love and light, Kirsty




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