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Kim McNiece
Rhode Island





Kim was called into the birth world long before her own babies were born. She has always considered it an amazing blessing to walk alongside a family during such a special time. She is Massage Therapist certified in MotherMassage. Kim celebrates the ability to provide loving healing touch to mothers throughout the changes of pregnancy and the postpartum period. She is a birth doula and a Hypnobabies doula; supporting families before, through and shortly after the birth of their child. Kim has created a beautiful continuum of care for all of her client families. She is a Postpartum Doula, which has given her the opportunity to aide families during this highly transitional period. As a certified Sacred Pregnancy Instructor and Mother Roaster, Kim hosts Sacred Pregnancy classes and provides Mother Roasting services across RI. She also provides Infant Massage Classes. Kim loves her work and considers it one of her greatest passions. She looks forward to serving you and your family to the best of her ability.


**Kim is also a Certified Sacred Pregnancy Instructor.

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