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Kay Kromm

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Kay is a wife, mother, gardener, crafter and displaced northwoods girl living in the prairie. She is a dedicated baby wearer and breastfeeding advocate. She loves to watch British TV on cold winter nights and read (be it classic novels or Peter Rabbit) on rainy afternoons. She is passionate about plants and children and gets over excited when the two come together.

Kay’s love of plants comes from growing up on a nursery surrounded by a family of plant people. She has found her truth in creating herbal products for other families. After surviving a trying and lonely post partum she found Sacred Pregnancy and felt called to become a Mother Roaster and Mini Retreat Instructor. Her deepest wish is that no mother feels alone during pregnancy or post partum.

Kay is a certified Sacred Medicine Woman, Mother Roaster and Mini Retreat Instructor with Sacred Pregnancy. She lives in the Lincoln, Nebraska area with her husband, daughter and dog.  


**Kay is also a Certified Sacred Pregnancy Mini Retreat Instructor and a Certified Sacred Medicine Woman.

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