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West Tennessee

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My name is Kasey and I am so happy to connect with you. I'm a mother, a holistic health practitioner, and pre- and postnatal specialist. I live in the beautiful Flathead Valley of Montana with my husband and three boys. My mission is to bring new mothers the much needed care, support, and nourishment they need during their first forty days postpartum.  Helping you experience peace and joy during those first precious weeks with your new baby is my goal. My services include prenatal coaching to help you plan ahead for a peaceful postpartum experience. During your first forty days I'll come to your home and prepare delicious, nourishing meals, look for signs of PPD, offer tips for increasing oxytocin (the love/bonding hormone), as well as hot stone abdominal press, belly binding, closing the bones ceremony, herbal preparations including tinctures, teas, vaginal steaming, and sitz bath herbs. I am honored to support you during the sacred window of your fourth trimester. Please contact me with any questions or for more information.

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