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Jennifer Stone

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After the birth of both of her children (who were both born in the hospital) Jennifer Stone knew deeply that there was something lacking in our culture for the sacred transition from maiden to mother. In the hospital, she was treated as a sick patient, and she was not given the right to have the power over her own body. She had a birth controlled by the physicians and staff at the hospital. She felt as though there was a void for all that was sacred and ceremonious about her children’s births. Through research she learned that other women felt the same as she did during birth. This left her driven to change her career focus, to supporting women during their child bearing years by offering doula services, lactation counseling, Sacred Pregnancy Classes, Mother Roasting: The Art of Sacred Postpartum ceremonies and care, and Placenta Encapsulation. Every woman should feel sacred, honored, and powerful during their journey to motherhood. Through Rhythm Sisters Birth Services she is empowering women one birth at a time.


**Jennifer is also a Certified Sacred Pregnancy Instructor and a Certified Sacred Beginnings Instructor.

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