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Jennifer Bruce-Dorsett
Vancouver, Washington +
Portland, Oregon

Contact : + 503.423.7098


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A native Washingtonian, Jennifer Bruce-Dorsett is a kind spirit with progressive values and old-fashioned sensibilities. She believes that a family is love and has been involved in the birthing community centered in Vancouver and Portland as a doula and placenta specialist for over two years. Jennifer began her journey with Scared Pregnancy this past year during a transformational retreat on Orcas Island. Since then Jennifer’s interest in a woman’s birth journey has expanded to include postpartum care and the elements of the beauty way. Her interests include expanding the availability and awareness of birthing services in the community, women’s well-being, animals and natural foods. Jennifer and her husband live in Vancouver and enjoy family and traveling. One of her favorite pastimes is being barefoot in her garden. She feels that she has truly found her place in the birth world in teaching Sacred Pregnancy classes, and is ready to change the birth conversation! She is also extremely excited to start offering Mother Roasting Services to her town and beyond!


**Jennifer is also a Certified Sacred Pregnancy Instructor.

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