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Gloria Overcash

Contact: + 406-595-2547




Captivated by the miracles of pregnancy and birth and at the same time familiar with the struggles of parenting, Gloria serves mothers in her community with reverence and grace.  A mom to three wild and wonderful boys, Gloria draws from her own experience as a mother as well as the wisdom that comes with nearly a decade of teaching weekly pregnancy yoga classes.  

Becoming a Sacred Postpartum Mother Roaster seemed a natural extension of the work she was already doing with mothers and satisfied her own craving for a more intentional postpartum experience after the birth of her third child.  Bringing these sacred traditions out into her circle of mothers has been very well received and she looks forward to continuing to honor and celebrate women as they transition into mothering their new babies.

Gloria also supports mothers through her Mommy & Me Yoga classes, Meditations for Mamas workshops, and offering a yoga course for women who have experienced traumatic birth, pregnancy loss, or who have PTSD.


Professional Trainings

Kundalini Yoga (Kundalini Research Institute) 

Hatha Yoga (YogaMotion)

Khalsa Way Pregnancy Yoga 

Spirit Baby Mommy & Me Yoga

Dancing For Birth (TM)

Radiant Child Yoga Program (Levels 1 & 2) 

Cosmic Kids Yoga 

SuperHealth Yogic Science for Addiction Recovery

Supporting People with PTSD through Kundalini Yoga

Accunect Connect

Sacred Postpartum Mother Roaster


Related Personal Life Experience

homebirth * waterbirth * lotus birth * 40 day lie-in * cloth diapering * elimination communication * exclusive and extended breastfeeding * gentle discipline * miscarriage * babywearing * cosleeping * mother blessing ceremonies * attending births as a doula * gong sound therapy * vegetarian cooking with whole foods * preparing raw vegan foods * 

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