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Emily Martel



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After the birth of my first child, I left the hospital in a birth-trance. I thought I had just joined a tribe of mother-goddesses, and that everyone I met who had ever given birth should be treated as such! Unfortunately, that bubble burst when I realized that the general culture around pregnancy, birth and postpartum lacked a lot, to say the least.

I became passionate about honoring and serving women through all phases of their lives after my children were born. I realized that we as a society had lost the important ceremonies surrounding life transitions like pregnancy and birth and as I do more and more training, I feel like an archeologist bringing ancient wisdom back to the modern world.

My own pregnancies, births and postpartum periods left a lot to be desired and much of the time I felt alone, scared and far from the goddess that I was. It became my mission to make sure other women did not feel this way and instead were re-awakened to the sacred magic that can fill their lives.

I offer Sacred Postpartum services and am a certified Birth Journey instructor. I also completed the Sacred Medicine Woman course, as well as Aromatherapy for Birthworkers. I am currently in training to become a doula for families with special needs, which bridges my day job of a special education teacher with my love of the birth world.

If I can be of service to even a few women I will have succeeded. My dream is help to light women's ways through transitions in their lives, and to bring ceremony back to women. 


**Emily is also a Certified Sacred Birth Journey Instructor.

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