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Charlotte Dewan

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I am Charlotte; a mother, lover, daughter, sister, friend, children's yoga teacher, baby yoga + massage facilitator, Sacred Pregnancy mini retreat instructor, in-training Proud Mother Roaster and Sacred Doula.

Made-In England, my maiden years in London were about education/travel/searching.

My post Zoology degree (Kings College London) dreams of being a Jane Goodall in Africa were put on hold whilst I travelled to the other side of the Earth to stretch and strengthen my wings.

Then the "True Love Search" was called off when I met my Canadian soul mate in Australia. After long camping adventures and mountain peaks conquered together, we married and had two babies. We emigrated to Canada in 2008 with our 8 week old baby boy and 22 month old baby girl and so the road of self-discovery as a mother in canada began. Self-love (realising that was an option!) and intuitive-love from my warrior husband got me to this point: ON TOP OF THE WORLD!

Our children are 5 and 7 years now, our family is deeply bonded through a free-flowing lifestyle of cuddling, swimming, snowmobiling and playing our days away. Our vision is to raise resilient children. Kundalini yoga showed me how to tap into the divine feminine energy inside, to bring out creativity, to know Pure Love. So when my babies kept meeting me on my mat, I could see it resonated with their big souls too so I became a kids yoga teacher for fun and to show kids how to use their yoga tools off the mat in the big wide world. To see a postpartum Mama + baby relax in savasana makes my heart happy and I am passionate about sharing how our births and experiences may shape us into strong, fierce yet gentle and loving mothers.

Sacred Pregnancy came into my life at exactly the right time, I was on the edge of getting into pre-natal yoga and then immersing into the Sacred on-line trainings felt like coming h~om~e. I am honoured to bring the first SACRED PREGNANCY mini retreat at the NEW Birth + Wellness Centre, to Ottawa, in August. It seems the perfect way to emerge into the birth world.

I have left behind my first career of Veterinary Nursing to lovingly support mothers transition across the threshold and beyond. I will be on the Sacred Doula training in Ontario this summer and look forward to serving many families in my new calling.


**Charlotte is also a Certified Sacred Pregnancy Mini Retreat Instructor and a trained Sacred Doula.

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