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Bridget Diluzio





An extreme free-spirited, barefoot, gypsy soul who keeps herself grounded via her children and husband, Bridget comes to the Sacred Pregnancy movement with a fierce intensity. She has worked in a variety of different fields and is a bit of a language geek. Bridget is also a veteran of the United States Army, which lends to her great attention to detail, dedication to her work, and general willingness to jump in and help wherever possible. She contributes to an online children’s magazine with stories centered around rituals, ceremonies & lessons. She also hosts two radio shows on an independent internet radio station.


Bridget’s real passion began in 2010 when she answered a calling she had been receiving since she was five years old and became a legally ordained priestess. She finds great joy in creating and officiating over rites, rituals & ceremonies, such as weddings, for others. Her love of serving women & children caused her to start a local support group for women of her faith and subsequently led her to Sacred Pregnancy. Bridget graciously holds space for any woman within Sacred Pregnancy who needs the friendly ear, shoulder or advice of a sister, or simply just needs someone to act as a sounding board. Bridget offers all of her ministerial services, Sacred Pregnancy classes, and Mother Roaster services though her business, Sacred Blessings. She knows she is truly blessed as her husband and their six children encourage and support her in all of her work.


**Bridget is also a Certified Sacred Pregnancy Instructor.

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