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France + Fiji

Contact: + 33769748184


I’m Ashwini, a passionate Fijian with Indian ancestry.  At age 37, I have been blessed to experience living in 4 different countries, travelling extensively and having collected knowledge from various individuals and traditions around the world.

After years of working in the field of climate change and environmental advocacy, recently, I went back to doing something that I did as a child – massage, yoga and giving love and care to women around me. Yes! I grew up doing that in Fiji 😊, surrounded by grandmothers giving postpartum care to aunties giving birth around us.

I’m now the founder of Vinaka Postnatal Services aspiring to give non-medical care to women immediately after giving birth - including ayurvedic massage, ayurvedic food PLUS providing many beautiful healing technics and ceremonies learnt with Sacred Postpartum as a Mother Roaster.

I look forward to sharing the traditional wisdom and the modern knowledge with mothers around the world. I’m currently living in France but my vision is to provide services all over Europe, in Palestine and in Fiji.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me on for anything from sharing tips to receiving some sacred services.

Relevant Postnatal skills and training in a nutshell:
- Ayurvedic massage therapist - India, 2011
- Art of Living stress management – ‘Happiness programme’ teacher - Germany, 2014
- Sacred Postpartum Mother Roaster training - 2017, United States
- Foreseen Training 2017 -18 – Sacred Medicine (US) and Womb Blessing (UK)


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